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Every piece of land is unique. Do you have dips, slopes and swells that need to be documented? Vara 3D, Inc. is a professional land surveyor you can trust for quality, detailed work. We'll give you the information you need before you can start developing in Murray, Salt Lake City, Layton & Provo, UT.

We offer a wide range of land surveys for residential and commercial applications, including topographic, boundary and ALTA surveys. Tell us what type of information you need, and we'll let you know which surveys are right for you.

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What are the benefits of a topographic survey?

What are the benefits of a topographic survey?

A topographic land survey focuses on the shape and elements of the land. By outlining all of the features on your property, you can create designs that work with the land, not against it. A topographic land survey can:

  • Give you a detailed and accurate picture of your property
  • Reveal any irregularities hidden from plain sight
  • Ensure you understand the underlying land structures before you build
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