Vara 3D, Inc. offers a detailed virtual-reality view every engineer, designer, architect, realtor and project manager needs to gather precise and accurate information. The Vara 3D team has combined experience of more than 45 years with traditional surveying, digital scanning, 3D Modeling.

  • Vara 3D has successfully collaborated with customers for historic preservation, architectural projects, topography, transportation, boundary survey, building information management (BIM), as built documentation and design support.
  • Vara 3D provides to its clients cost-effective 3D point cloud model generation using LiDAR technology.
  • The company internally warehouses client’s digital scan data, and specializes in extracting relevant subset to develop 3D Models guiding customers in their design process.
  • Customers have access to 3D panoramic views of the site with geo-reference for visualization, as well confirmation of project feasibility in the design phase.
  • Vara 3D staff is published in LiDAR collection and documentation.