Construction Staking

Plot and Plan Before You Break Ground

Partner with us for construction staking services in the Murray & Salt Lake City, UT areas

Construction staking is an important step to take before you can get to work. It translates your engineering blueprints into real-world plans directly on the site. Vara 3D, Inc. provides detailed and thorough construction staking services throughout the Murray and Salt Lake City, UT areas. We'll help you leave nothing up to chance in your upcoming project.

We can handle everything from staking your property for a fence to a simple boundary or property line survey to an incredibly detailed building information modeling service (BIM). Call 801-707-1012 today to speak with a professional about your 3D modeling needs.

Why are boundary surveys important?

Why are boundary surveys important?

Past records of property boundaries aren't always accurate. Get an up-to-date property line survey to avoid:

  • Disputes with neighbors
  • Violating local construction codes
  • Complications in title deeds
Whether you're building a fence or staking out areas for an upcoming landscaping project, always start with a professional property line survey with a professional land surveyor first to know exactly where your boundaries are located.