Looking to Divide Up Your Property?

Book a boundary survey for your next project in Murray, Salt Lake City, Layton or Provo, UT

If you're about to turn your purchased property into a subdivision, it's important to get a boundary survey done first. It can tell you the status of the land and advise you on how to divide the acreage. Vara 3D, Inc. has years of experience providing surveys for all kinds of residential and commercial land in Murray, Salt Lake City, Layton & Provo, UT. We'll ensure you're fully informed about the process to come.

You'll be able to view your subdivision survey, so you won't miss a thing. You can book our services by calling (801) 692-1832 now.

What to expect with our subdivision survey services

What to expect with our subdivision survey services

Whether you're purchasing farmland, residentials or commercial property, you'll need a survey to tell you all you need to know. To conduct a comprehensive subdivision survey, our team:

  • Defines the current boundaries
  • Subdivides the land
  • Works with you to meet municipal requirements
  • Give new plat map/drawing to both owners

Divide the land with ease with the help of a our boundary survey with subdivision drawings. Learn more about our services when you reach out now. Contact Us.