Topographic Representation For Redevelopment Of 110 Acres

The developers, urban designers, land planners, landscape architects and civil engineers were looking for a precise topography analysis of the 110-acre site of the city downtown area. The team at Vara 3D, Inc. provided a digitally scanned 3D model of the area within ¼" tolerance of the actual site conditions including roads, buildings, neighboring structures, etc.

Vara 3D Services: LiDAR Scanning, 3D Modeling, Topography Survey:


The Vara 3D team used LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to scan the area cost effectively. With detailed planning and preparation at the beginning of the project, the team was able to collect all of the required data in three weeks. The scan captured fence lines, curbs, gutters, light poles and the existing buildings' main floor elevations.

Vara 3D process included warehousing the data internally, eliminating the burden of managing huge amounts of data for their customers. The project team used a proprietary well-developed data mining technique to translate the point cloud data into accurate topographic representations for the architect, developer, the city administration officials, landscape designers and engineers. Vara 3D's highly specialized methodology was used to interpret the data and develop specific 3D models simplifying the design process for the architect and the rest of the project team.

Detailed precise 3D Modeling of the as-built conditions is a key component of the success of any redevelopment of 110 acres of urban area. It established an efficient, solid and clear launching pad, or base line, in the planning and preparation for this project. This known starting point will enable the project managers and developers to clearly and efficiently calibrate the future planning adaptations necessary to accommodate their city's growth.