Airport Rental Fuel System BIM Design Support (Petro West)

Building Information Management (BIM) (As built Documentation and Design Support)

Services - 3D LiDAR Scanning, 3D Modeling, Clash Detection

Salt Lake City Utah, Utah

VARA's staff assisted with contractual requirements to provide its underground fuel systems in 3D - Revit Format and coordinate with other trades and their 3D design for the different trade systems. Because VARA's staff is already trained in 3D programs, it was a very simple switch to assist with converting 2D drawings, running clash detections, making 3D adjustments to the base model and then converting it back to 2D field drawings for Petro's field team.

The company is seeking approval to have VARA's team scan the site during construction for as-built documentation of the site, knowing that the 1/8 of an inch accuracy of the scan data will be more accurate than the standard redline drawings provided at the end of a construction project.