Project: Renoir Hotel
Services: 3D Scanning, Design Assist

The building owners and architect for the Renoir Hotel project came to Vara 3D, Inc. when they were looking for help with accurate scanning. They were preparing to restore the 135-room landmark hotel after a fire there caused 1.2 million dollars in damage. The project specifically required Vara 3D to scan the existing condition of the 83,300-square-foot building in its urban setting.

The Vara 3D team put together floor plans for the entire building using 3D scanning and modeling process. They enabled the authentic historical restoration of the project by capturing specific, intricate design details. Their expertise preserved the building's authentic vintage features of the building such as profiles of moldings, casings, cornices, locations of plumbing, HVAC lines and more.

Recording these critical dimensions of the architectural and engineering design elements was essential. They paved the way to restore the building back to its historical design despite the challenge of its very tight location. Vara 3D's team helped the owners and architect achieve success in the restoration and renewal to life of a classic hotel.

The Renoir Hotel is now known as the San Francisco Proper Hotel due to a change in management. It's considered a high-end boutique hotel that has become a trendy, popular place to stay. It offers the whole package with their chef-driven approach, two restaurants, a conference center and a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city. That Vara 3D was key part of the Renoir Hotel's evolution shows the dependability and quality of their service.

Hotel Lobby Model | Digital Scanning, 3D Modeling, Design Assist for Renoir Hotel, San Francisco